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How does online therapy work?

In my practice, online therapy works much the same way as in-person therapy.  Here's an overview:


Before our first appointment, I'll send you some forms to fill out that give me some information about you and your therapy goals.  I'll also provide you with some additional information about my practice and details about how we'll set up our meetings.

At our first meeting, we'll discuss the issues that bring you to therapy, and I'll also gather some information about other areas of your life so that I can help you most effectively. We'll firm up our goals for working together, and the steps we'll take to help you move toward them.

In subsequent meetings we'll talk about any thoughts, feelings, or experiences you've had since our last meeting that feel important to you and/or are relevant to your treatment goals. We may focus on understanding and expressing your feelings more fully, or finding new ways to look at your situation to help you get unstuck, or learning new skills to help you live a more satisfying and joyful life. At the end of each meeting, we'll talk about ways you can practice "being your own therapist" until we see each other again. 

As you begin feeling better and moving closer to your treatment goals, we may space our sessions out further and further.  When the time feels right for you, we'll end treatment with the understanding that you are free to return whenever you feel it would be helpful.


At any time during our work together, please feel free to let me know about any questions or concerns you may have.  Therapy works best when the client and therapist communicate freely (and often!) about how things are going.

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